FDA IT Program and Project Management Support (IPS) BPA

FDA IT Program and Project Management Support (IPS) BPA Profile

Contract Number


Contract Period of Performance

Feb 16, 2021 – Feb 15, 2026

Contract Type


Program Description:

The FDA will use this SFI single award vehicle to attain a dynamic IPS program to facilitate all phases of the IT Enterprise Performance Life Cycle in support of the OIMT, FDA Centers and operational units. Services provided may include strategic planning, concept development and project initiation, configuration design and functional area analysis, program and systems analysis and modeling, quality assurance, service-oriented architecture, audit activities as well as mentoring program and project coordination support and assistance with the daily management of projects including administrative assistive and process tools, documentation and privacy implementation.

Function Areas:

Multiple tasks may be developed under task areas identified for this BPA, including Program/Project Management Support, Concept Development and Strategic Planning, Project IT O&M Support, Develop and Document Program Level Technical Standards and Methods, Research and Recommend New Tools and Techniques, Software Development Support, Process and Procedure Improvements, Quality Assurance, and Support with Using Business Tools.

Ceiling Value

$112 Million